Hello there! Welcome to my website.

I have created this webpage myself so that I can share some of my thoughts online and have full ownership and control over it. I share because I believe that we can only learn by exposing ourselves and letting others critique it. Please feel free to comment on the post and I will respond when I have time. =)

So who am I? For now, I am a full-time youth developer (physical, mental, character). And I do a lot of other things as well just to keep myself engaged, challenged and connected; so depending on where you have met me, you might walk away with a different impression.

Instead of talking about my occupation, which may change with time, I often share my “pre-occupations”. Topics like leadership, management, psychology (and many more) often intrigues me. Back in the past, people look up to polymath, those who have multiple interests, talent and passion, like Leonardo Da Vinci. In fact, you may have heard of the saying “Jack of all trade, but master of none.” But are you sure it is the full phrase? I am also in the midst of writing my book about my personal story. I strongly believe that it will help others see things from a different perspective and be more empowered and inspired in their own lives.

Anyway, I wish you a pleasant stay and feel free to connect via Facebook or Instagram.

Have a great day!