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Formerly a victim-of-bullying-turned-delinquent, I topped my secondary school class, graduated from polytechnic illustriously and went into OCS after being awarded “Best Trainee”. I also managed to enter NTU, a university currently ranked 11th in the world.

But this is not a typical success story. I dropped out of OCS, spent almost a decade pursuing my degree and left my first employment after a mere 3 months. And these are really just some of my past challenges.

My younger days had been full of crest and trough. But it is also this journey and experience that made me a more effective, compassionate and discerning individual today.

Success Is Going from Failure to Failure Without Losing Your Enthusiasm

Winston Churchill
Benjamin Alexander Chua Profile Picture

Today, I am

Multidisciplinary – Academically, I am trained in IT, Business and Psychology. I will be completing my Bachelor in Engineering (Computer) in mid-2021 from Nanyang Technological University specialising in Cybersecurity. I also completed a Double Minor out of interest – Entrepreneurship + Psychology, thus exceeded my graduating requirement by 27 units. I previously graduated with a Diploma in Business Computing, where I scored a GPA of 3.48 and aced 35% of all my graded modules, during which I also completed an additional 10% academic load with a voluntary internship as a Technical Analyst at Starhub. My academic life is peppered with activities such as overseas study trips, competitions and part-time work as I believe that paper qualification only forms half of the picture. Professionally, I am certified in a variety of fields, from general topics like Training & Assessment (ACTA), sport science, security operations to niche areas like wilderness advanced first aid, rappelling, etc. I have full-time working experience of approximately 5 years across three sectors – public, private and entrepreneurial. In the public sector, I am ranked YE12 (MX12 equivalent) as an OBS Instructor. In the private sector, I have worked as an intern and an executive in various top firms, such as in automotive, telecommunication, legal, banking & finance. My exposure in SMEs comes from my involvement in my family business, mainly in the construction area. For my entrepreneurial experience, I ran a social enterprise full time for a year (subsequently on a part-time basis) as a managing partner for a team of 10, providing training services for youth-at-risks.

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.

Mark Twain

Versatile – I am someone whom, depending on the setting, can appear very differently. I can be very formal and professional when the situation requires, or roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty if needed. My skills range from being able to type out an award-winning essay in 3 hours to fixing a choked toilet bowl. Part of this skillset comes from my natural inclination to solve problems and optimise the environment that I am in. My life experience allows me to lead and interact with people from a diverse background more effectively as compared to one who has grown up in a sterile environment, yet, on the other hand, be professional if I have to. Because of that, people usually have a wrong impression of me if they judge prematurely. My close friends range from individuals who have not been formally educated, to ones who are completing their PhD and I am able to code-switch effectively to interact with them and connect intellectually. I also think quick on my feet and able to make good judgment calls in moments of crisis, and I handle QnA well as compared to my peers who hate them.

A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.

(An often misquoted) English Idiom

Purpose Driven – I am driven by purpose and value and I seek to motivate others to do the same as well. I adopt a reflective approach towards life and I believe that work should serve a deeper meaning apart from just financing our lifestyle. Because I question the “why”, sometimes, I find my journey harder than others who simply follow suit and do. But as John Stuart Mill said: “It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied.” Because of this attribute, I am able to effectively inspire others and create a more sustainable culture than one that is driven by extrinsic motivators. Being reflective also allows me to present a deeper understanding of things, as many of my realisations are from my own reflection. Lastly, it is also what drove me to pursue knowledge in the domain of psychology and philosophy, which helps me to more effectively manage people.

An unexamined life is not worth living.


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Eagles don’t flock. But imagine if they do.

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