Suspected scam call

Posting this information here so that whoever encounters the same call can share their experience as well.

I received a private call some time back regarding this company called Long Chuang Electronics and Technology company 龙创电子科技公司, claiming to be based in Hong Kong. They mentioned that they are to hold an event in the Singapore town area and invited me to attend. Few weeks down, I received another call from a Mandarin speaker, claiming that I have won the third prize in their lucky draw. We spoke on the phone for 30 minutes while she tries to convince me that this is not a scam call.

Sounding like a Taiwanese, she mentioned that she is based in Hong Kong and is the customer service of the company. She tries to convince me to fill up a document over the phone in which I must provide my personal information. She also provided this phone number – 85256210901. However, when asked for a website, she mentioned that it is not updated. She also provided an address in Hong Kong which I did not verify further as I did not manage to take it down. What I can remember is that she mentioned that it was on the ninth floor.

Anyone who encounters a similar call, please share your experience.

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