Month: November 2021

  • Dominance does not equate to aggression

    What is interesting about this video is that it mentions that someone being dominant does not mean that the person has to be aggressive. I remember that I was one of the two Ds in the group when I did the DISC test many years back. Immediately, I felt that it created a certain impression […]

  • Why we should not micromanage

    In an adult world, if you are given a task, you are expected to do it. And when someone doesn’t do it, they should be coached and managed accordingly. Micromanaging should not be used as much as possible, although it can get things done well in the short term. We should not assume that individuals […]

  • Owning up to mistakes

    I believe that when a team makes a mistake, the leader always has responsibility for it. However, I may not always readily admit my mistakes in front of my team because I want them to take ownership. In front of my boss, I will say that the fault is mine. But this is a side […]

  • Personal Branding

    I recently reached out to a few friends as I wanted to write them a recommendation on LinkedIn. But I discovered that they do not have one. Having some experience in headhunting, I cannot emphasise how important this is. I have realised that people who do good work sometimes do not put themselves out there […]

  • Why sometimes leadership by example doesn’t work

    Some always tout leadership by example as the model to follow, stating that if you want someone to follow your lead, the best way is to lead by example. I remember this quote:  “The world is changed by your example. Not your opinion.” I generally also agree with that. Indeed, I think leadership by example […]

  • Something that greatly influenced me


  • 22 November 2021

  • In loving memory of Peter Jezreel

    Today I got to know that one of my friends have passed on. He was age 32.  I met Jez in polytechnic. He was one of the brighter ones in class. He first went to ITE, then to polytechnic and finally to NTU. During NS, he also became an officer. Post-graduation, he signed on. We […]

  • 16 November 2021

    Yesterday, my mother’s dog passed away. The dog has accompanied us for many years, and I think it has lived over a hundred years if we were to convert it in human terms. My mother was crying still this morning and we were trying to comfort her. I later went to my room and my […]

  • 15 November 2021

    Today, one of my colleagues asked me about the most challenging part for me in the University and how I overcame it. This is what I have shared: I am not sure what do others think about this. Throughout most of my career, a large part of it has been being an educator. I believe […]

  • Why we should refrain from disturbing our colleagues on their rest day

    Some time back, I tried to share this with someone in their first career: Try not to disturb someone during their rest day. Honestly, there is nothing with being a first careerist. Everyone has to start somewhere. I remember being in my first job and I also hate being discounted just because it is my […]

  • 14 November 2021

    We often thought that things are one dimensional until we learn how to see in different perspectives. For a child, things are always absolute. It is either right or wrong, black or white, higher or lower. But often, things in real life are multidimensional. Until someone is willing to open up their mind, it is […]

  • 11 November 2021

    I am at home today due to reoccurring chest pain. I wanted to try out TikTok since it is the latest thing, but I decided not to. I am still not very used to seeing myself on camera, and I think people come to the platform for entertainment, not thoughts. That said, I realised that […]

  • 10 November 2021

    Sometimes when I meet someone, I tend to share a lot. And this can seem strange to others. Why am I sharing so much? Why are my views seemingly so strong? Why do I seem so sure of myself? Am I lecturing? I share my thoughts excessively because I am not sure how long I […]

  • Feedbacks

    I have always struggled with feedbacks. Sometimes, it seems to be that people are only doing it for the sake of doing it and has no genuine interest to know exactly how they are faring. Then there are some who always gives five stars regardless who they are rating. It is nice, but what we […]

  • 09 November 2021

    I have shared earlier that I am going to stop writing. But I realised that by doing that, I lost a tool to reflect and a means to communicate with whoever wants to communicate. Sometimes, I am not so good with words, and writing remains an excellent tool to externalise my thoughts. Hence, I have […]