Personal Branding

I recently reached out to a few friends as I wanted to write them a recommendation on LinkedIn. But I discovered that they do not have one.

Having some experience in headhunting, I cannot emphasise how important this is.

I have realised that people who do good work sometimes do not put themselves out there to benefit from the exposure. They do not position themselves in a manner that benefits their career or do things that allow others to do so. As such, it makes it hard for others to recognise them and help promote them. I understand that sometimes, these people want to lay low and not claim credit. They shun the limelight that comes with recognition. However, we must still help to promote those people who deserve to be promoted. This creates a ripple effect, allowing the best to be at the top and allowing Singapore to be a more productive country.

But we cannot do it when the individual does not want to be recognised! So to these people, please start exposing yourself! It is not just about you, and sometimes when you realise its impact, it may come too late. For example, because we do not promote ourselves, in the end, a less adequate individual manages us, and everyone suffers. Or you find yourself not being able to move around when you have to.

There is nothing wrong with working on your personal branding. If Rolex continues to advertise their watches, being such an established brand, there is no good reason why we shouldn’t!





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