Politics is not a dirty word.

Many times when we hear the word “politics”, some immediately have a negative connotation. During a meeting, I mentioned this word, and I noticed a few expressions changed.

Politics is not inherently a dirty word. It highlights one of the critical elements that determine if a project can be successful. It is naive to think that politics is not at play unless we are intentionally political. Politics is ever present.

One key aspect of political power is the buy-in from the people. One of the key debates during the election was whether NMPs and NCMPs have the same political muscle as those voted in. Having the mandate of the people for a representative is essential.

For example, one of the key issue discussed during elections is that although we might endorse the person who is leading, we might not endorse those that they bring along. Such issues has been brought up when we talk about the GRC system in Singapore. Similarly, in project management, when we elect someone to lead the team, we must also be aware of the potential issues that can arise when the leader forms his own team post election. Although this can be seen as trivial, having the foresight to understand the potential complication that could arise can help us make an informed decision.

Hence, instead of pretending that politics is not part of project completion, we should face it squarely and manage it.

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