Optimising your bandwidth before an important virtual event/meeting


  1. Turn off background applications – Whatsapp, Telegram, other file synchronising apps like Google Drive Desktop App, etc. (Technical user can use Netstat command to find out active channels)
  2. Be in direct line of sight of your router.
  3. Use LAN cable if possible.
  4. Reduce the resolution of your webcam. Change to 360 instead of 720.
  5. Ensure that other people are not using network-intensive services simultaneously (Youtube, Video Call, etc.)
  6. Do an internet speed test (speedtest.net / Google Speed Test) before the event to ensure your internet is working at the bandwidth you are paying for. For example, if my internet plan is one Gbps, I should at least get 700 Mbps.
  7. Restart your computer before the actual event.
  8. Restart your router and modem before the actual event (make sure to do it at least 15 minutes before)

Advance (Ignore if you don’t know what I am talking about)

  1. Use QoS to prioritise your application
  2. Use QoS to prioritise your computer
  3. Ensure your antiviruses are updated before the event to avoid downloading during the event
  4. Ensure your computer is not connected to VPN services unless you are sure your VPN is excellent
  5. Ensure NAS is not running/downloading intensively
  6. Use channel allocation for your router to auto-select the best WiFi Channel beforehand
  7. Check that your router transmission is at the highest power
  8. If you are using Mesh, make sure you are nearest to the primary node
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