Month: April 2022

  • Working on my legs, fingers, and brain at the same time on a Sunday morning

    While it is good to have a feedback channel that’s easy to access, organisation should also keep a proactive lookout for changes in situations and actively solicit feedback from the ground. This is not simply done by creating long list surveys, which may cause fatigue and user going through motions. Instead, it is to look […]

  • Lunchtime Reflection – Career Choices and Maintaining Our Core Competencies

    My child was warded during the peak of the COVID-19 period for her bilateral nephrectomy. It was nearing the end of my minimum service term for my previous career, and I thought about my next career move. At the same time, due to COVID, some returned to their home country for fear of a lockdown. […]

  • On discipline and education (as well as being open to constructive criticism)

    On discipline and education (as well as being open to constructive criticism)

    I am working in NIE today in an ungoverned lounge for postgrad students. The tables were segregated, and people were sitting far apart. When I entered, I was expecting to see people with their masks off, but it surprised me that every one of them was doing the right thing. It is a Sunday. Who […]

  • Bedtime reflection

    I wrote an article some time back that received quite a few “likes” on respecting the rest time of others. Ever since, people have been wary of disturbing me on weekends. There are a few points I want to make: I have no issues with touching work on weekends. I have problems with unnecessarily disturbing […]