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While it is good to have a feedback channel that’s easy to access, organisation should also keep a proactive lookout for changes in situations and actively solicit feedback from the ground. This is not simply done by creating long list surveys, which may cause fatigue and user going through motions. Instead, it is to look for opportunities to gather feedback in a safe and conducive environment. It is also crucial that the person collecting the feedback be trained and sensitive to how specific settings can prevent one from giving true thoughts, such as the power distribution in the room, perceived level of trust, group culture, and groupthink.

COVID situation is actively evolving. Policies that were valid some time ago may be outdated now. Not ensuring that we remain at the top of the game will waste resources.

One way we can do this is to gather accurate data through technology. For example, instead of asking your user whether a training session is practical, use visual recognition to automatically log how many times the class is detected to be nodding off. Other technology is less sophisticated, such as data analytics, but it does the job nonetheless. For instance, the booking of gym slots can be monitored for utility rate, booking pattern, how many times a user does not show up after booking, and how many times a user logged in but didn’t book. All these will give insights into operations.

There are also simple, innovative ways in which we can make things easier for our clients. For instance, we can make a simple ongoing poll that determines the loudness of the music, coldness of the aircon, or even the speed of the sushi belt. Most organisations already have mobile apps built to take orders or book slots. This simple enhancement is not going to cost a lot more but creates a much better experience. Users reduce significant levels of stress knowing that they can influence the situation even when they don’t really influence it (read the psychology experiment on the button that reduces pain for more information).

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