Month: May 2022

  • Reflection from our conversation on management last week 

    My style of managing has always been to set the right expectation. My team should understand that if they were to defy any rules, they would face the full brunt of the law. But if they were to make an honest mistake, I will see if there is ground for mitigation. However, it must be […]

  • Excellence for us is not a luxury; it is a necessity.

    I was thinking about my second child, who is in NICU, as I typed this, scrolling through LinkedIn, when I saw a post by CCS, one of our ministers. He spoke about BHAGs – big, hairy, audacious goals and how Singapore has always set itself for big things. It made me wonder and reflect on […]

  • Pragmatism, not idealism

    As Singaporeans become more educated, we concern ourselves increasingly with ideologies and ideals. There is nothing wrong with that, after all, we can never reach perfection but it should still remain a goal. Ideologies and ideals allow us to direct our policies and actions toward where we aspire to be. It allows humanity to reach […]