Month: August 2022

  • How to deal with bullies on the internet

    I won’t call myself an expert on the internet but I have been online long enough to know what it entails. Like what Bane told Batman: You think darkness is your ally. But I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn’t see light until I am a man. Likewise, I was born in […]

  • To all sword bearers

    It’s very simple. If we as sword bearers cannot display discipline, cannot adhere to the rules, and cannot practise what we preach, then we cannot expect those under our leadership to do what we ask of them to do. It’s very simple. The rot starts from the top. Hence, if we call ourselves leaders, and […]

  • Equally lost

    Staying in the hospital, while unfortunate, is one of the best times to reflect on my life. You are there in the quiet room with no other sound apart from the beeping of the machines. Your kid is just right there beside you, and you thought to yourself: “What a beautiful child.” I ended a […]

  • Discipline

    I was asked recently by a former colleague if I am still writing on my blog. I told him I couldn’t find time. Furthermore, I have to exercise even more sensitivity on the things that I write now since I have switched role to defence and some of the things are by nature more sensitive. […]