To all sword bearers

It’s very simple. If we as sword bearers cannot display discipline, cannot adhere to the rules, and cannot practise what we preach, then we cannot expect those under our leadership to do what we ask of them to do. It’s very simple. The rot starts from the top. Hence, if we call ourselves leaders, and reaps the benefits and remuneration of a leader, then we need to be exemplary in our action and hold ourselves accountable for them. It doesn’t matter if we are regulars or NSmen. We should not be selective with rules, choosing the ones that we align with to adhere to. It is not to blindly follow rules, but to have a good reason when we break them and only with a good reason when we break them. I didn’t come to the military to make friends. I came here to make a difference. While it may piss people off, at least when I walk past my sword, I know that I am accountable to it and I live up to what’s expected of me. If one day I do not, then it is time for me to leave. It’s really as simple as that.

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Hi, I am Benjamin. I am a Singaporean son, born and bred. I came from a modest background, just like most Singaporeans and went to mainstream schools like most middle-class Singaporeans. What makes me different is my unconventional choices and journey in life, giving me a different insight into life. I share my thoughts not because I think I am right but to be corrected if I am wrong. I am not too concerned about who is right but what is right. Drop me a PM or leave a message and I am happy to talk about anything!

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