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During the pandemic, we were reminded of how important it is to have a robust supply chain. It is not just about late delivery, for some, it is about life and death. I vividly remember how worried we were when we were unable to find the milk powder that my daughter specifically need. And I make sure that I put in measures to ensure that this does not happen again.

The end result is twofold. First, I am assured that my daughter will be able to have what she needs for her medical condition. Secondly, I am also able to support parents who may face the same issue.

As I reflect on this, I can’t help but marvel at the foresight of developing Singapore into a hub for many things. As a small nation, we are unable to produce economically many things. By being a hub, we are able to attract not only talents but the products and technology that we need. Singapore cannot afford to close up herself. The world might not even notice if we are gone due to our size. But if we are able to attract the best in the world to Singapore, we will stand a better chance.

Yet, what this also brings is intense competition. Locals who are unable to keep up will feel the pressure. Hence, our focus on training and development, constantly moving up the value chain is also in the right direction. While other countries can afford to take things easy, Singapore can’t. We can’t if we want to continue to enjoy world-class infrastructure, healthcare and education.

What we need to do moving forward is to unlock our people’s potential by putting them in the right place, in the right jobs. To nurture their passion and build a culture of excellence. To reduce structural inefficiency and hindrance from outdated policies. And to identify high-growth areas and ensure that our people are ready to ride the upcoming waves.

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