A tale on air filter and urinals

The Urinals

I recently visited a relatively large company. During lunch, I went to the toilet and I can’t help but noticed a strong smell. The toilet look clean hence it should not be due to a lack of up-keeping. I soon realise that all the pee from the urinals are coming out from the floor trap instead of flowing down the drain. It then overflowed into another floor trap before it is gone forever.

My first instinct is to call the maintenance number on the wall. This isn’t where I work, and I am only here for a short time. Strictly speaking, it is none of my business. The number doesn’t work, hence I called the operations office and asked them to direct the case to the right agency. They told me they would. But a few days passed and it seems that nothing was fixed. I called another office, which I thought is supposed to be the ones responsible, hope that the issue can be resolved if I get the right person. I was told to call another number.

I asked if they can direct the case instead. After all, this is not where I work, and I am already doing them a favour by calling in. I was told that I have to call them myself. I was reluctant, but I know that nothing would be done if I don’t. Hence, I did. The issue was finally resolved afterwards.

I can’t help but wonder. This is a place where many would have came. Didn’t they notice the stench and the leak? How long has this problem persisted? Why didn’t anyone before me call? This is similar to me seeing leaking taps in toilets. Water being a precious resource to Singapore and this is something we were all taught since young. How long has these taps been leaking before I called in? How many more leaking taps are there in Singapore waiting to be addressed? If you extrapolate this to bigger things, there are many leaking taps in the world. We just have to look out for it and do our part to stop the leak. I can’t possibly tighten all the taps (or call someone to), and it doesn’t benefit me in anyway. But if we do not take that extra effort to help make the world a better place, soon it will bite us back from our behind.

The Air Filter

I later went to one of the reading room. It was a nice quiet area where I can catch up on some work during lunch. I turned on the air filter, how nice and thoughtful of them. It was the same model that I have at home. I took notice that the air quality indicated shows that the air quality is extremely bad, something that surprised me. Then I noticed that there is little air coming out of its vents. Something must be wrong. I took out the plastic cover and my suspicion was confirmed. The plastic for the filter media was left intact. I took out the plastic and I informed the staff.

The air filter was probably bought during the peak of COVID period and I can’t help but wonder how long has the machine been operated with the plastic film intact. Rendering it useless. During COVID, there are many of such machines bought by corporations, have they been properly taught on how to use? How about the maintenance of it? From what I know, these machines requires periodic cleaning and change for it to remain effective. If it is not maintained well, it would be a waste of money as the lifespan of these machines will be shortened.

In conclusion

There are many of similar cases around us. Sometimes it may be air filter. Sometimes it may be urinals. But I hope we can understand that it is not just about air filters and urinals.





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