Moved Out

It has been some time since I moved out. I am just really grateful to the support given by my parents for the past years when I think about it. We initially wanted to move out immediately after we got married. But six months after we tied the knot, my wife got pregnant and we decided to stay for a while more. What happens next was a chain of events that left us without much breathing space. My first child was born with kidney problems and she soon saw both her kidneys removed.

We stay for 7 months in the hospital and learned how to perform dialysis for her before we moved back home. Because my wife could potentially be a donor, and being a post donation living donor may induce higher risk during pregnancy, we decided to bring forward our plans to conceive our second child. We thought this time round the pregnancy would be fine, but unfortunately, my son also had to undergo two surgeries to correct an issue associated with his digestive system. It was unrelated to my first child’s condition.

In a blink of an eye, Kaelyn is almost four and we are looking forward to her transplant this October. However, to qualify as a donor, I have to pass through a series of test. During the assessment, the doctors decided to take a closer look at my health and I also had to go for a day surgery, my first ever experience to be warded into a hospital. All in the midst of this, we have decided to move out, after my tenant irresponsibly breached her tenancy agreement and left the country without informing us. It was not a good time, but with whatever we are facing, there will never be a good time.

As I moved out, there were many thoughts and reflection triggered. After all, I have stayed with my parents all my life. There are many things which I do not understand when I was a child. Slowly, bit by bit, as I walk through the events and life stages that my parents experienced, I understand their perspective and the struggles they went through with better clarity. For instance, as a child, I never understood why my father’s car is always so messy, or why he would not spend effort to wash his vehicle. I remember we wrote a date on his car just to see how long he didn’t maintain his vehicle. Today, my car is equally messy and it tells me something that I didn’t know back then.





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