Appeal for Information – King Alison Laura

We are appealing for information on this individual: Ms King Alison Laura.

Ms King was our tenant who had vacated our unit without informing us, prior to the maturity of her tenancy agreement. There were several items unaccounted for (keys, access cards, etc.) According to her tenancy agreement, Ms King is liable for the rental until a suitable replacement tenant is found.

We have made several attempts to contact her but we were unable to reach her. Posting on this website is our desperate attempt to reach out to her after exhausting our means.

We have, amongst other means:

  • Contacted her on LinkedIn (Account became uncontactable shortly after)
  • Contacted her via her email (No response)
  • Whatsapp her Singapore registered number (No response)
  • Contacted her employer Diageo Singapore Private Limited via registered mail, email and social media (No response)

We have filed legal actions against her in July 2023 and the case was accepted by the Singapore State Courts.

We have also contacted several local government agencies on the matter.

We would like to state categorically that this is not an attempt to shame Ms King, nor to make any allegations against her. It is our desire to resolve the matter ambicably. To protect her privacy, we have also censored various information from her identification documents above.

Please kindly contact us if you have any information about this individual.

Thank you.






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