• Appeal for Information – King Alison Laura
    We are appealing for information on this individual: Ms King Alison Laura. Ms King was our tenant who had vacated our unit without informing us, prior to the maturity of her tenancy agreement. There were several items unaccounted for (keys, access cards, etc.) According to her tenancy agreement, Ms King is liable for the rental until a suitable replacement tenant is found. We have made several attempts to contact her but we were unable to reach her. Posting on this website is our desperate attempt to reach out to her after exhausting our means. We have, amongst other means: We … Read more
  • Moved Out
    It has been some time since I moved out. I am just really grateful to the support given by my parents for the past years when I think about it. We initially wanted to move out immediately after we got married. But six months after we tied the knot, my wife got pregnant and we decided to stay for a while more. What happens next was a chain of events that left us without much breathing space. My first child was born with kidney problems and she soon saw both her kidneys removed. We stay for 7 months in the … Read more
  • The worst company I have worked for (Part 1)
    I was reflecting on my journey and I realised that there are two companies which had left very bad memory in my professional history. The first is one that has a rather toxic culture, and this was during the early phase of my professional career. Staff were told to not use their phones during working hours, especially for non-executives. There seems to be differential treatment for different class in the organisation, and staff are monitored for the time they scanned in the door in the morning. Although working hours is supposed to end around 6pm, there was an OT culture … Read more
  • Returning back to Qifa Primary School
    Some time back, I had the privilege of going back to my first primary school – Qifa Primary School, to read to them the children book published by RSAF. As I entered the school, I can’t help but to feel nostalgic, even as the compound looks very different now. I remembered sneaking out of school, walking behind the landed properties along the drain to buy Mr. Softee from the nearest 7 Eleven. I also recalled one incident where my mother was called to school, and at the end of the conversation, she was handled a magnet the size of an … Read more
  • Looking forward to our new President
    As a military personnel, we are not to openly support any presidential candidate and should remain neutral. We serve whichever leader that Singaporeans elect. We respect the system in place and for the choice of the Singapore people. Hence, during this presidential election, all I hoped for was a unifying figure, whoever is elected. I am happy to know that our president was voted in with a strong majority. The other two candidates were respectable. I genuinely feel that they had stepped up to run for the presidency to serve the Singapore public. Both were honourable in their own way, … Read more
  • Thought of the Week – One of the most critical trait of a leader – Inspiring trust.
    A great leader must be able to inspire trust. Trust is the building block of almost everything in modern civilisation – businesses, public institutions, banking, marriage. Trust propels the world’s development. How do we inspire trust?  First, we must treat everyone fairly. There should be no favouritism or biases. A word of caution though – Some confuse discretion with preferential treatment. For example, a staff who exhibits constant discipline issues may warrant scrutiny, but one who is trusted to do things well may not. That said, a leader must be sensitive and transparent in his management style to avoid speculations. … Read more
  • Pilot Sport 3 185/55/R15
    Weight: 7.8kg Tread Depth: About 7mm
  • Rite of Passage? Experience?
    One of the age old debate we often hear is whether the younger generations should go through what the earlier generations have experienced so that they can better appreciate their present. It is okay for one to go through what earlier generations go through so as to appreciate what they currently have, but it should not be something excessive; just enough for a taste of it. I recently had a discussion with someone, who insisted that we should allow the generation to go through the process, learn it through the hard way just like we did. I disagree, simply because … Read more
  • Morning Reflection on Leadership, Political Will, Regimentation and the Future of Singapore
    I was reflecting on some conversations I had with a few senior leaders from various organisations lately. I was told this: Today’s generation is challenging to manage. They do not subscribe to regimentation, discipline and how they view work is very different. I think it is a fact accepted by mostly everyone. This generation has grew up in abundance. They do not have to be as desperate for jobs as their parents. And there is nothing wrong with that. But this morning, a sudden thought hit me. You mean to say that earlier generations were easier to manage? When Singapore … Read more
  • Credibility, Trust and Integrity- Why these fundamental values matters and they matters a lot.
    Many who are born in modern Singapore might think that it is a natural state of affair for us – clean environment, low corruption, highly accountable leaders. But dig a little deeper and you will find out that it is not. Singapore has traditionally been in a region where corruption is perceived by many to be rampant. But today, Singapore brought a touch of yellow to the region. We are known to the world for being highly efficient, effective, and most importantly, we do what we say and we say what we do. Our principled approached have made us some … Read more