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  • My submission in 2012 March for CDF Essay Competition
    This is something I wrote in March 2012 in submission to the CDF Essay Competition held during that time. The CDF during that time was LG Neo Kian Hong who later went to SMRT. I was serving my NS as a conscript back then. Largely, I think I still remain fairly consistent to what I believe in. On the positive side, it is a good thing because I remained true to what I believe. But it may also mean that I have not transcended to a higher level of thinking. What do you think about what I wrote? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Leadership […]
  • Leadership
    This month, the core value of the month is Leadership. This is something that’s very close to my heart. It doesn’t take a genius to know that the culture in Singapore is changing. As we become more educated and developed, the voices are getting increasingly loud in many different aspects. Coupled with increasing influence from different parts of the world, Singaporeans are importing ideologies and beliefs from different societies. Without strong leadership, influence and control, its can tear our society apart. Unlike bigger countries which can tolerate failure and mistakes to a larger extent, Singapore only has one chance in […]
  • Singapore 5G Network
    Our transition to 5G has been rather complicated as compared to changing from 3G to 4G. The technology first came out with a non-standalone version (NSA) and then now the standalone (SA) version, which promises faster speed. It is a good thing, but what complicates matters is that only certain phones support SA, and phone manufacturers often do not list their phone capability to include whether they support SA or not, simply stating that it is 5G capable. End up, you could well be purchasing a phone that does not work with your telco and wasting money. To further make […]
  • Reply All
    Suppose you saw an email containing a mistake sent out to the whole company. Would you send a clarification via “Reply all”? Most of us wouldn’t because it would seem as though we are shaming the person publicly. But what is there to be ashamed of when it is just a simple mistake? Doesn’t everyone make mistakes? Furthermore, if we were to send it to the sender directly, he/she probably receive many other emails informing of the same thing because no one knows that this has been addressed. Imagine one person taking five minutes, then multiply that by 10. How […]
  • A tale on air filter and urinals
    The Urinals I recently visited a relatively large company. During lunch, I went to the toilet and I can’t help but noticed a strong smell. The toilet look clean hence it should not be due to a lack of up-keeping. I soon realise that all the pee from the urinals are coming out from the floor trap instead of flowing down the drain. It then overflowed into another floor trap before it is gone forever. My first instinct is to call the maintenance number on the wall. This isn’t where I work, and I am only here for a short […]
  • A virtue is a mean between extremes – Aristotle
    I grew up during a time when smacking kids were normal, where bosses are king and where there isn’t so much nuances when it come to things like authority, gender identification, the needs and wants of individuals. It wasn’t ideal, because we were sacrificing many things for the sake of progress, adherence and the general population was not educated enough to know the impact of some of our behaviours. As we become more affluent, the culture slowly shifted to a more sophisticated one. We now made progress in knowing that there are so much more to gender identification, that smacking […]
  • Thoughts on a Sunday morning
    During the pandemic, we were reminded of how important it is to have a robust supply chain. It is not just about late delivery, for some, it is about life and death. I vividly remember how worried we were when we were unable to find the milk powder that my daughter specifically need. And I make sure that I put in measures to ensure that this does not happen again. The end result is twofold. First, I am assured that my daughter will be able to have what she needs for her medical condition. Secondly, I am also able to […]
  • Some reflection while recuperating at home
    I recently took my flu vaccine but was still down with flu this week. It was hard taking medicine because it would mean that I will be drowsy for the entire day. Although I got a break from work, my parental duties have to carry on. Such is the fact of being a parent. What is more troubling is to receive a message that made me spend the past few days thinking about it. Due to the sensitivity, I shall not disclose the details. What I need to remind myself is that with every adversity, there is growth, even though […]
  • Reflection triggered by my domestic helper
    Today, we decided to give my helper WiFi. It is something that we take for granted every day, something that does not cost us anything extra to give and strictly speaking it is not something that is essential, since domestic helpers in the past also do not have such access. Yet, looking at how happy she is when I told her our decision triggered some reflection. Although you might say that we should have given her access without even considering it, things, in reality, are not as simple as that. I have to consider my parent’s feelings and expectations, as […]
  • How to deal with bullies on the internet
    I won’t call myself an expert on the internet but I have been online long enough to know what it entails. Like what Bane told Batman: You think darkness is your ally. But I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn’t see light until I am a man. Likewise, I was born in the internet, moulded by it. I didn’t see broadband until I am a man. =D I thought this would be a good guide for those who are vulnerable to the harshness of the internet, especially for those who are growing up. So do share this […]