Currently, I am in the process of crafting a book recounting my transformative Outward Bound journey, with the primary audience being OBS instructors. Additionally, I have plans to write two more books chronicling different aspects of my life.

  1. From “Beng” to B.Eng: In this book, I will delve into my extraordinary evolution from a troubled youth, once labeled a “Beng,” to gaining admission into one of Singapore’s esteemed universities. The narrative will encompass my determined pursuit of a degree, spanning a challenging nine-year period. Amidst this academic journey, my family and I faced the arduous task of supporting our daughter through her courageous battle with cancer.
  2. From OOC to OC: This book is set to narrate my enthralling expedition through National Service, commencing as a conscripted soldier. The story will delve into my initial decision to drop out of OCS (Officer Cadet School) and the eventual return that led to my position as an Officer Commanding. Within these pages, I shall candidly share my initial sense of purpose upon entering NS, the period of questioning midway, and the profound shift in perspective regarding conscription, the military, and the transformative rite of passage that all young men in Singapore undergo.

Through these books, I aspire to share my unique experiences, lessons learned, and personal growth, inspiring and enlightening readers with the resilience and tenacity required to overcome life’s challenges and transform adversity into triumph.