It’s been quite some time since I thought about things. Or so I thought. Tonight I had a closing with my participants. And I wonder about how can I make the course more impactful for them, and how can I teach them about life when I don’t fully understand life yet. We seem to teach […]


Yesterday night, I was asking some of my participants to write in their journal – What does a successful life means to them? I didn’t have much thought until today, I saw one of the post from someone close to me on Facebook. This person isn’t the best when it comes to academics. Neither did […]

The Poor in Singapore – On Social Mobility and the Unfair Advantage

The recent haze has triggered some reflection. As I don on my HEPA mask, one that I have purchased years ago for commuting on a bicycle while attracting weird stares at the same time, I can’t help but notice those who are wearing a mask and those who are not. My observation so far (don’t […]