Continuous Learning

During my days in Republic Polytechnic, we are to complete a module called “Creative Engagement”. The objective is to accumulate 40 CE points at the end of our diploma. I graduated with >120 points.

I find this to be an effective method for me to keep abreast of new development, expand my network as well as learn from others. Across the years, I have attended numerous events outside of work and I thought it might be good for me to keep a record of them. Doing so will allow me to connect with others through common interests and start conversations. It also allows me to share with others what are some good events to attend.

February 2022

  • Introduction to Adversarial Attack on Machine Learning Models
  • GANs(Generative Adversarial Networks)
  • Developing Speaking & Thinking Skills By Dr Robbie Lee Sabnani
  • Managing citations with EndNote
  • The Pandemic and Online Threats to Public Safety by Dr Neo Loo Seng & Dr Omer S
  • Cyber Hostility – How Far is Too Far? by Ben Chester Cheong & Tricia Ho Wei Jing

March 2022

  • Optimising Outcomes for Young Children: Early Childhood Education as a Vehicle for Change
  • The present and future of management in times of adversity and change by SIM
  • Conceptualising and Crafting your Research Proposal by Professor Anneliese Kramer-Dahl
  • Using Data to Predict Stock Prices by SIM University
  • Meet-the-Professor Session with Professor Yang Peidong
  • How to read journal articles more effectively –  Dr. Pierina Cheung
  • The Straits Times Connect Webinar Series – War in Ukraine: What’s next?
  • Young Engineers Career Series Webinar 8 Realising the Full Potential of Your Engineering Knowledge & Creating Supply Chains for the Future
  • Towards Post-Pandemic Supply Chains by Dr Lu Dawei