Covid-19 and being grateful

Recently, I met a teacher. She was complaining that she now have to take on extra work because her colleague is on LOA. I can empathise with her, since it is not really fair that she have to take on an extra load when her colleague is paid to stay at home. I think the management should ensure that teachers who are made to take on extra load are given task which cannot be done by those on LOA. For marking of papers or setting of lesson plans, this should still be done by those on LOA. And as a colleague who have inconvenient others, I think it is only apt to volunteer for more task in return. But while I listen to her complain, I can’t help but to wonder if she understands what’s going on with others who are not in a stable job like hers.

Then I have met another executive who was complaining that he got a pay cut due to the virus. And a taxi driver who was complaining about the drop in income and how the little subsidy from the government isn’t doing much help.

I can truly empathise with these people because jobs have been affected, and lives have been disrupted. But I think it is also very important to be grateful for a few things in life, and here are those:

1. We still have a job

Many businesses around the world are forced to shut down. I cannot imagine how they can survive if the government does not give aid or if they do not have savings.

2. We have one of the best healthcare in the world

If there is, by any chance that you contracted the virus, Singapore is one of the best place to be. In fact, treatment cost is even subsidised by the government. Do you even know how much a day in ICU cost? It’s about 700 dollars for a neonatal ICU just for room charges which I just found out recently.

3. We have one of the best government in the world

This is debatable I guess depending on who you ask. But you cannot deny for a fact that we remain one of the top countries in the world in terms of the lowest corruption. Imagine that government aid have to go though several level of corruption before it reaches the people.

4. We are alive and healthy

I think some of us simply forget that there are so many people dying around the world that we are fortunate to be healthy and alive, not lying around in a hospital waiting for cure.

5. We have a healthy reserve

Singapore is able to fight this well because we have stored enough bullets. We literately ran out of bullets during WWII and I think we are determined not to let this happen again. But this does not mean we should indiscriminately break the piggy bank this time round. In fact, we don’t know how long this will last. Hence, only with a continued and sustained prudence can we ensure that we survive perpetually.