My precious baby girl

Baby still in ICU. Slim down a lot but thanks to the medical professionals and God’s grace she is better now. I really hope she grows up well considering how hard it is for her just to live. A lot of thoughts goes on in my mind these few days, for example, just imagine that we spent so much money on her lungs and when she grows up and starts smoking. Then I reflected on my part of how I was as a teenager. Luckily I think I turn out okay now as an adult. Still many flaws but nothing’s broken, just bent.

I am also trying not to expose her too much to social media since she may grow up to be a private person unlike me. Hence not much update.

Right now, the bills are already in the five figures, but we will focus on getting her health on track and worry about the money later. A lot of people have shown their concern and I truly appreciate it.

I was talking to my wife that perhaps sometimes we don’t need to take life too seriously. Previously we were debating over everything, from having a confinement nanny to when we should sell our house, to whether should we try for natural birth to deciding when we want let her see the world if we decide to C-sec. Now apparently, my daughter have decided it all for us. Life is precious, life is short. Life is beautiful. Cherish it.

There is just so much that we took for granted. The odds are 1:10000 and we happen to encounter this. I didn’t even strike 4D in my life before.

Thank you to the team at NUH for their wonderful work, especially during this challenging time with the Covid-19. And I mean from the Janitors to the Surgeons, as they all play a part in shaping the safe environment for my precious baby girl. Lastly, thanks to the Singapore government for subsidising the medical bills to a huge portion. Nothing out of the ordinary from the subsidy for ordinary citizen but just changing from Class A ward to Class C will save us $500 a day.