Never assume your actions and words online have no consequences

So Ms Berlinda Ester Jaramillo from Florida (Tampa) and I had a brief interaction on Facebook. I was browsing through my timeline and I saw a post of a kid provoking a man, then that man flew into a rage and stomped on the kid. Of course, what the man did was wrong and there is no doubt about it.



















The issue I had was the tons of comments calling for violence to be acted upon the man, in which I commented that if so, then it would make no difference, since it is only when one thinks that he/she is more powerful, that they think they can teach someone a lesson through violence. Just like how the man thought it is appropriate to teach the kid a lesson because he is bigger and stronger. You wouldn’t fight someone you think you have no chance of winning, rationally speaking.

Two wrongs don’t make a right and as a martial arts practitioner and coach, I have always taught my students to show appropriate force when absolutely necessary (just watch Ip Man Movie if you need to understand the value of Chinese Martial Arts). It is the ability to control that makes a difference between an outstanding practitioner and an ordinary one. At least that’s what I believe in. Hence, if it is within my ability to control, I will always choose to walk away and let appropriate authority handle the situation (when my rational mind is working).

Ironically, I have to quote an American leader to educate an American.

“Nearly all man can withstand adversity. But if you want to see a man’s true character, give him power.” – Abraham Lincoln

Ms Berlinda decided to lash out on me for my comment. I find it surprising that a Florida citizen has business in a Singapore political Facebook page but that’s another topic. I couldn’t think of a better response at that time but to challenge her to go further, hopefully triggering some reflection on her part.



















Ms Berlinda then decided to place a one-star review on my page with an untrue statement that I am okay with children being abused, which is an untrue and unfair statement. Then she decided to block me. Perhaps she thought that there wouldn’t be any consequences and she will not have to bear responsibility for her words online. Hope that she will grow more mature over time and understand that there are always consequences to her actions.











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