Yesterday night, I was asking some of my participants to write in their journal – What does a successful life means to them?

I didn’t have much thought until today, I saw one of the post from someone close to me on Facebook. This person isn’t the best when it comes to academics. Neither did she earn the most within our social group, at the start. Throughout her life, I have seen her struggle, because of health issues and psychological issues like bouts of emotional outbreaks. She would cry whenever there is a major exam and it seems that she cannot take that stress. Amongst us, she seem to be the weakest in terms of character. But I guess that’s where I am wrong.

Over the years, despite not having a degree, she worked her way up to obtain one. She started working after polytechnic, and even as I seem to have a greater start, she seems to be doing much better than I am. When I went to her office, it seems that all her colleagues loved her.

More importantly, it is her quiet dedication, especially when it comes to her children. I saw her post on how she manages her kid with that kind of quiet dedication, in a principled manner. And somehow, I wonder how can I ever be a more successful parent than her.

Of course, there are always ways to criticise how she bring up her kid, like how we can criticise almost everything in the world. But in general, I think she is doing great.

So what determines a successful life? Sometimes it is not a loud roar of determination or drive. Sometimes it is the quiet determination that you will just keep going at what you believe in, no matter what it takes and how many times you have fallen.

Thank you for inspiring me.

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