The Hypocrisy of our Society

If I have to choose between a well-mannered kid who can speak well, dress well and carry himself well, yet with ill intentions, as compared to one who is rowdy and full of expletives, yet with a good heart; I will choose the latter any time. A lot of times, society have failed to look inside someone and see what is really inside. They choose to look at the packaging and make their judgement, based on whatever narrow mind that they have. Then when they pre-judge these people, and they behave according to what they expect, they will say they told you so.


But in the first place, have you ever considered if your actions and pre-judgements have an impact on someone in the first place? The words that we choose to use, the reaction that we give when someone made a mistake, etc. If one is convinced that he/she is already judged even before any action done on his/her part, then why would anyone want to waste any more energy on proving themselves otherwise, especially for a kid?


Perhaps that is the reason why my very immature childhood dream is to cover myself up with tattoos and receive my bachelor’s degree. Because I find that there is no correlation between the two. Then the question is can you be both? Can you be civilized and have a good heart? Of course, you can. But not everyone is born the same way. Not everyone has a good temper. Not everyone has a high need for social affiliation. Not everyone desires to conform. We are all born differently. So why can’t we give each other the space that we need to grow? Why can’t we just accept difference and diversity without making fun of each other and freely criticizing others? We teach our children to accept differences, but when we walk right back into the office, we make fun of our own colleagues, our bosses and our friends. How hypocritical is that?


We place so much expectations on our educators. That they are supposed to be good at all times. That we are not supposed to drink, even in moderation. That we should pretend to not have anger, or jealousy or fear. But is that possible? It is not. So at the end of the day, we expect our educators to be hypocrites. And we act surprised when our generation grows up to be one. We place so much expectations on the people doing the job, but we refuse to do the job ourselves. And when they screw up, it is their fault because they are lousy.


Perhaps that is the reason why many of us do not want to share our profession with the public. It is not because we are not proud, but because of the unrealistic expectation that comes with it. My mannerism and conduct may not be ideal when I am not in a professional setting, but that does not change my values by a single bit.

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