Update on my Facebook page and Instagram

So I have closed both accounts. Reason being that I realised that I cannot really be neutral when it comes to commenting on political matters. I tend to self-censor when it comes to certain parties and I don’t think it is fair of me to do so, especially when my current position requires me to take a neutral stand. Hence, I have closed both accounts and will refrain from commenting on political matters. At least that will be my stand for now.

As much as I encourage people to be politically aware, I have came to realised that political matters are very divisive. It forces people to take a stand and it splits people up into groups. Not a very good thing to discuss when you are trying to build a relationship. From what I know, even the best politician have someone who hates him/her. Every action taken, be it the right one or wrong, there is criticism.

Recently, I have also heard a comment about people sanitizing their past. While I do agree that it raises some eyebrows should one tries to hide their past, sometimes, I wonder if one should leave a long trail of themselves on the internet. In the past, most of the things that we say or do will not be brought up again unless it is of such significance that someone actually record them down at that point in time. However, the internet has provided a convenient way for all these to be recorded. And things can then be brought up later, in a different context, to be held against you. On top of that, it can be used against you when you no longer reflect the same level of maturity that you first had when you wrote certain things.

Is it fair that right now, there is a movement across some countries, where they remove statues of famous people for what they have said or did in the past when our values as a community have shifted? Would we have done any better if we are born during that time?

Hence, throughout the years, I have always been going through cycles of refreshing my social media account and my website, because I no longer remember what I write and hence may not even be holding the same view today. Of course, when we assess someone, we would want to see consistency. But we often forget that people do grow. And I think the best consistency that I can offer for those who want to judge me, is to ask those who have known me for a long time.

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