Weekly Gratitude Journal #9

My gratitude journal this week.

This week, what I am most grateful for is the development of my daughter’s health incident. During a routine scan last Friday, the doctor discovered that there was some fluid accumulation in my daughter’s lungs. A decision was made immediately to take out the baby, and we are very lucky that it is nearing full term. It was a stressful time because we were not expecting the baby until late March. Furthermore, I was not allowed into the operating theatre for good reasons despite that initially I would be able to, so my wife have to face it alone. This particular scan was initially planned to be done by my wife herself, because I have been requesting for leave to accompany my wife for her appointments and I suppose it is disruptive to work, especially when I sometimes take leave for attending school, hence I did not take leave this time round. After all, what could go wrong right? Thankfully, it was not a busy period and I took initiative to check in with my boss at my colleague’s encouragement. She approved the leave and we went as per usual, unaware of what’s going to happen next.


The baby was soon admitted to the ICU and until today, she remains there. It was heartbreaking to see so many tubes connected to her at such a young age. We were not able to hold her or touch her. But thankfully, over the past few days, she had made tremendous improvement. Now, she is no longer dependent on the ventilator and can breathe on her own. We also managed to down class our ward to C instead of A, reducing the cost by more than 500 dollars a day. We are grateful for the government subsidy else the cost would be unimaginable. The Nurses and Doctor at NUH were professional and effective, not forgetting all the other staff who made the experience more bearable, such as the one who served our meals and the Janitor who made the room so clean. Overnight, I became conversationally proficient in medical terms and read more than 5 papers on my daughter’s condition; it is only with good education I was able to do that. Somehow, when we talk about education today, it is almost always about securing the pay check. But education in itself is a fulfilment of needs, self actualisation, esteem, social, etc.; it also provides so many fringe benefits that we often forget, case in point. Hence, since this assignment is for my education, I think it is apt to remind myself that with greater power comes greater responsibilities. I should make good use of the education that I have been privileged enough to participate in. And we are more powerful than we think we are.


“There is more in us than we know. If we are made to see it, perhaps for the rest of our lives, we will be unwilling to settle for less.” – Kurt Hahn (Founder of Outward Bound)


Till next time!