Working Experience

Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.

Theodore Roosevelt

I have varied experiences in diverse fields throughout my professional career. Being an early starter at 14 with part time roles has also given my insights into different industries.

I am currently working as a Cyber Defence Staff Officer in the Republic of Singapore Air Force. Prior to this, I was an Officer Commanding in one of the air bases in Singapore.

I was a mid careerist who went into the military at an uncommon age. The reason for this is to fulfil my obligation to the state as I felt that I could have done better for National Service, having prematurely terminating my Officer Cadet Course during National Service. I was unconvinced of the reasons why I should be an Officer and felt that I could serve better as a man on the ground. However, my experiences over the years tells me that it is important for people to step up to leadership roles if they can.

Prior to entering the military, I worked as an OBS instructor, a role that requires a 3D2N selection, interview, and 8 months training. During my stint, I established myself as a credible outdoor instructor who can lead diverse student profiles and manage critical incidences that happens sporadically. OBS was my first stint with the public service. Prior to that, I was managing a social enterprise involving youths and spent short stints as an executive in law and banking.

I hope to connect with you if you have similar interest and passion. Drop me a LinkedIn request and I hope to hear from you soon.